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These links are not intended to imply that the organizations whose web pages are linked necessarily endorse the thesis presented in "That They May Be One: To Heal The Scandal Of A Fragmented Church"

Byzantine Christian Faith And Spirituality

The Christian Activist

A statement by the Russian Orthodox Church on unity discussions

Uniatism, Method of Union of the Past, and the Present Search for Full Communion (Balamand, 1993)

The Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches: Taking Steps to Overcome Division Controversy Over the Balamand Report - prepared by the Orthodox members of the official North American Orthodox / Roman Catholic Consultation (1997).

The Holy See of Rome

The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

The Monastery of Christ In The Desert

The Anglican Church in America

The Anglican Catholic Church in Australia

Links to Early Church Documents

The Orthodox Christian Foundation

Theologic Systems Orthodox Worldlinks

The Prayer Book Society of Canada

St. Columba Press - Orthodox Links

Conciliar Press On-Line (Orthodoxy)

The Episcopal Synod of America Homepage

Catholic Resources on the Net

Orthodox Woodworkers Guild

BibleViewer Software for Macintosh

That They May Be One: To Heal The Scandal Of A Fragmented Church

Barquentine Ventures Online Journal

Maccave Software Online, webmasters, web page development

Main Page

Christian Mac Users Group

AAA Matilda Canada


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